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Alex Haley's Queen
There are two sides to every story as the saying goes. For Alex Haley, one side was "Roots", the towering chronicle tracing seven generations of his mother's family. The other side comes to the screen in Alex Haley's Queen, the remarkable history of a paternal side of the author's family.Halle Berry plays Queen, daughter of a slave and a male plantation owner. During the turbulent decades of the antebellum South, the Civil War, Reconstruction and beyond, Queen searches for a home in the two cultures of her heritage and at times is shunned by both.Through it all, Queen experiences both sides of segregation and prejudice due to her light skinned complexion. However, the rejection and even hate are no match for her unconquerable will.
First Air Date: 02/14/1993
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Season 1 Binge Time 3hrs
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