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American Gothic
The rural community of Trinity, South Carolina, a postcard-pretty enclave of antebellum houses and manicured lawns, is a town tormented and seduced by the ominous presence of one man, Sheriff Lucas Black.
First Air Date: 09/22/1995
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Season 1 Binge Time 16hrs 30mins
Number of Seasons 1
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S1E20 Requiem
Caleb is trying to find the full potential of his powers by attempting to kill Gail, leaving him sole heir of Lucas' will. But, when Lucas finds out what Caleb is up to, he attempts to save Gail. Lucas offers Dr. Narone a chilling ultimatum. Lucas and Caleb have an evil face-off. After the horrible incident that happened, Gail winds up at the hospital in a coma, and Lucas was very worried about Gail at that moment. During that time, Gail did recover and survived from being attacked from Caleb. First Air Date: 07/11/1996