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Big Love
Bill Paxton stars as Bill Henrickson, a polygamist who faces a myriad of challenges in meeting the emotional, romantic and financial needs of his three wives and seven children in suburban Salt Lake City.
First Air Date: 03/12/2006
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S2E3 Reunion
Bill and Nicki drive to Juniper Creek for a family reunion—and a council vote that Bill hopes to leverage against Roman in the case against Joey. Arriving at Lois's cabin, they are surprised to find her brother Eddie in residence, overseeing Lois's new laundromat investment. At home, Barb catches Ben in a compromising position with Margene, and Sarah later catches him in an even more compromising one with Brynn. Ashamed, Ben considers pledging himself to Straight Edge, a group of hard-liners. Margene decides to call Cindy about Barb, but ends up complicating their estrangement when Cindy changes her phone number. At the compound, Alby refuses to toe the party line; his actions result in Nicki and Bill cutting short their visit just as a family group photo is about to be taken. Rhonda pledges herself to Roman, but ends up having second thoughts. Back home, Bill discusses a radical, polygamy-proof business option with Don. First Air Date: 06/25/2007