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Big Love
Bill Paxton stars as Bill Henrickson, a polygamist who faces a myriad of challenges in meeting the emotional, romantic and financial needs of his three wives and seven children in suburban Salt Lake City.
First Air Date: 03/12/2006
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S3E4 On Trial
With Roman's trial looming, Nicki struggles with her devotion to her father and commitment to Bill, who is urging the DA to offer protective custody to witnesses Kathy and Rhonda. In an attempt to get Alby to break ranks with Roman, Bill offers up an olive branch to Alby, who is understandably skeptical. On the lam from Juniper Creek henchmen, a desperate Lois turns to Bill for refuge, if not relief. Worried about the family finances, Barb hits up her mother Nancy for a handout. An agitated Sarah considers her prospects, rejecting the opinion of brother Ben. Adaleen tracks down Rhonda, offering her some compelling reasons not to testify at Roman's trial. Margene takes on a new look in the aftermath of her mother's death. Bill startles Ana, and Nancy, with a bold proposal that could change the face of his family forever. Roman finally has his day in court, with his guilt or innocence hinging on the testimony of Kathy and her twin sister, Jodean. First Air Date: 02/08/2009