Gas S1E2 Bottom on Binge by POPSUGAR
Richard Richard & Edward Elizabeth Hitler, two men with no hope of fitting in with society. Two men who will forever fall foul of lifes little jokes, mainly because they are too stupid to avoid them! Adrian Edmondson and Rik Mayall take an anarchic look into the lives of these two friends who are forever threatening, and commiting, violence on each other. This series could be said to be a follow up, of a kind, to The Young Ones. Same stars and same attitude but the young ones are now heading into middle age. A succesful series that spawned three live tours (and three videos of these shows) and a big screen film, Guest House Paradiso. Although the film was not released as such it is advertised as a Bottom film on the video release.
First Air Date: 09/17/1991
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Season 1 Binge Time 3hrs
Number of Seasons 3
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S1E2 Gas
When the gas man comes around to investigate some suspicious figures, Richie and Eddie have 6 hours, 27 minutes to disconnect the line they illegally connected to next door's mains, which means breaking into the house of the fearsome Mr Rottweiler and his new lady friend. First Air Date: 09/24/1991
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