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TV-MA PBS's primary public-affairs documentary series, `Frontline' focuses on one (usually timely) topic each program. Overseen since its inception by executive producer David Fanning, it has been honored regularly over the years, winning 34 DuPont-Columbia awards, 12 Peabody awards and 29 Emmys. In 2001, `Frontline' launched `Frontline/World,' an offshoot devoted to foreign affairs featuring work by young filmmakers.
First Air Date: 01/17/1983
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S33E6 Outbreak
A documentary looking at the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The primary focus to documenting the how the transmission of Ebola spread so quickly, how the NGOs and Government organizations reacted and what eventually happened that allowed the virus to become contained. First Air Date: 05/05/2015
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