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Home Improvement
Home Improvement was about Tim "The Toolman" Taylor, host of the home-improvement show "Tool Time," definitely is not as handy at home as he is on screen. He and his wife, Jill, raise three boys who are racing toward adulthood. The Taylor family often relies on next-door neighbor Wilson, who provides unconventional wisdom and perspective to the Taylors' personal and familial crises.
First Air Date: 09/17/1991
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Season 1 Binge Time 14hrs 30mins
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S6E7 I Was A Teenage Taylor
Tim and Jill revert to childhood to convince Randy and Brad they are not too old for Halloween by scaring the heck out of them when a man named Clifford stops by referring to the incident that happened in their house years in the past. Tim and Al do wallpaper on Tool Time. First Air Date: 10/29/1996