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Houdini & Doyle
In the series, Houdini, Doyle and Stratton are tasked with the cases that nobody else can solve. It challenges their sense of what is real and what is not. Houdini is a skeptic, while Doyle believes in the unseen. Their diverse viewpoints make solving crime a challenge and often Stratton is put in the middle. The trio will face cases that appear to involve vampires, ghosts, monsters and poltergeists…or are they a ruse to conceal murder. The 10-episode drama was inspired by true events and is commissioned straight to series for ITV Encore in the U.K., and by Global in Canada, and licensed in the U.S. on FOX. Acclaimed director Stephen Hopkins (“24,” “Californication”) directed the pilot.
First Air Date: 03/13/2016
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S1E9 Necromanteion
The team investigates a homicidal poltergeist with the aid of Thomas Edison's necrophone: a device that allows the living to speak with the dead. Harry has an interest in the device to contact his recently deceased mother, while Arthur hopes to reunite his family. Meanwhile, Adelaide hesitates to learn the truth about her dead husband. First Air Date: 05/05/2016