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TV-14 Twice nominated and in 2009 awarded the Emmy for Outstanding Reality Series, the five-time PRISM Award-winning series “Intervention” profiles people whose dependence on drugs and alcohol or other compulsive behavior has brought them to a point of personal crisis or estranged them from their friends and loved ones. Each episode ends with a surprise intervention that is staged by the family and friends of the addict, and which is conducted by one of four specialists: Jeff VanVonderen, Candy Finnigan, Rod Espudo and Donna Chavous. Exclusive updated interviews with past subjects from the series first ten seasons are available on
First Air Date: 03/06/2005
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Season 1 Binge Time 6hrs 27mins
Number of Seasons 19
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S6E10 Chris
This follow-up episode features former subjects Chad and Brooke as they rediscover their lives during and after treatment. Chad’s crack addiction destroyed his career as a world-class cyclist. Seven months after his intervention, he’s been given a chance to redeem himself. He’s joined a racing team in Italy, but his body may be too damaged to make a successful comeback. Brooke was in denial about her addiction to pain pills but agreed to go to treatment after an explosive intervention. Now her parents are visiting Brooke to see how much progress she’s made. First Air Date: 02/16/2009
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