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Mystery Science Theater 3000
TV-14 MST3K started as a cable show in Minnesota, but soon grew in popularity. It moved to Comedy Central (originally the Comedy Channel), and then to Syfy.The series initially features a pair of mad scientists working at Gizmonic Institutes shooting a worker into space to their Satellite of Love. First Joel, and then Mike, are forced to watch cheesy movies. Joel builds robots to keep him company, and Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo accompany him into the theater. There they make fun of the movies to keep their sanity. Scattered throughout are live-action sketches and scenes with the Mads back on Earth.In later seasons, cast changes force the departure of the scientists. One scientist's mother, Pearl Forrester, takes over the experiments.
First Air Date: 11/24/1988
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Season 1 Binge Time 21hrs 28mins
Number of Seasons 11
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S3E20 The Unearthly
On this weeks invention exchange, Dr. Forester makes a hard pill to swallow distressing Tv's Frank out. Joel invents a giant dispenser, a unique mason jar and something that is Dyno-Mite! After the Exchange, the Satellite of love crew is forced to watch a short on proper posture; Joel, Crow and Tom Servo are forced to watch a movie about a mad Doctor played by John Carradine who the Bot's keep mistaking for the Kung Fu expert David Carradine hatch his sinister plots involving a criminal that he outsmarts and his patients to come up with a way to extend life. One of Ed Woods favorite actors Tor Johnson makes an appearance as Carradine's servant. First Air Date: 12/14/1991
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