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The Carbonaro Effect
TV-14 Comedian and prankster Michael Carbonaro is back! truTV's hit series, The Carbonaro Effect, has more hilarious, mind-blowing hidden camera magic than ever before. This season, Michael’s face falls off piece by piece, he sends his assistant back in time and plays the violin without ever picking up the instrument! Whether working at a ski shop, party story, or museum, Michael’s hilarious and bewildering illusions will leave you both scratching your head and rolling with laughter!
First Air Date: 05/15/2014
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Season 1 Binge Time 4hrs
Number of Seasons 4
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S3E13 Pixelated Vision
Michael sets up camp at wilderness store to reel in some customers with an amazing new fishing tool before shedding some light on a bright way to use potato chips! Then at the AT&T store, Michael shows off the unexpected side effects of augmented reality and a new camera that's literally paper thin. And finally, a day of mini golf turns explosive when a loose cannon is added to the mix!. First Air Date: 12/14/2017