Catastrophes that Changed the Planets S6E1 The Universe on Binge by POPSUGAR
The Universe
TV-14 An astronomy series examining the history, scientific phenomena and mysteries of the universe.
First Air Date: 05/29/2007
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S6E1 Catastrophes that Changed the Planets
The planets of our solar system have experienced epic catastrophes throughout their long history, both raining down from outside and bubbling up from within. We’ll voyage back in time to investigate the violent events that profoundly shaped the planets, including earth itself. We’ll witness stunning revelations about what transformed Mars into a barren, hostile desert…The disaster that changed Venus from temperate to hellish…The impact that blew away Mercury’s mantle, turning it into a planetary core…A colossal disturbance that rearranged the orbits of the gas giants…Titanic impacts on Jupiter…And how a lost moon may finally explain Saturn’s rings. First Air Date: 10/25/2011