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Who Do You Think You Are?
TV-PG Who Do You Think You Are? is an American genealogy documentary series that premiered on NBC on March 5, 2010. The show is an adaptation of the British series of the same name, aired by the BBC. Each week a celebrity goes on a journey to trace his or her family tree.
First Air Date: 03/05/2010
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S7E5 Bryan Cranston
Actor Chris Noth lost his father at a young age, and longs to shed some light on the side of the family he barely knew. He goes on a journey to unlock the mystery of his fatherâ?Ts line, tracking down lost relatives torn apart by a devastating catastrophe. Then he follows his three times great-grandfatherâ?Ts footsteps around the world from Spain to Ireland, and discovers the story of a brave man who endured severe oppression, but rose up to fight in one of the fiercest battles of all time and became a war hero. First Air Date: 08/23/2015